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Focus Your Vision.

One Story. One Framework.


Questions about the effectiveness of your actions and how to respond to changing consumer behaviour are
constantly changing.


There is no lack of support. The almost overwhelming amount of data, insights and recommendations from research, analytics and data science, deepens understanding but also undoubtedly poses a serious challenge for most marketers. The lack of understanding of the underlying techniques and therefore an ever-increasing reliability on specialists, experts and data owners adds to this challenge.


Furthermore, not only is there so much information, it is usually delivered through a range of different applications, each telling you only part of the story, and more often than not, producing conflicting results and recommendations.

PMI has developed PMI ZOOM™ a proprietary solution delivering a constantly evolving evaluation framework that leads to ONE comprehensive and consistent story. All available information, insight, KPIs, existing frameworks, knowledge and beliefs around your business challenges are integrated into one framework with one objective: to catch the big fish in the sea of information. The more you use and evolve the framework the more powerful your decisions become.


Push confidence in your decision-making process further with ZOOM™

Power Your Performance.

Turn Analytics ON.


Analytical solutions are a constantly evolving process that should reflect the fast pace of modern marketing and thus acknowledge that today’s challenges cannot always be mastered with yesterday’s techniques.


PMI META™ is the creative proprietary analytical engine that brings your PMI ZOOM™ framework to life. It sheds light on the past to enable you to shape the future with many integrated models. We apply cutting edge data science and analytics techniques. The varying methodologies and solutions are linked together to provide you with a progressive holistic model that delivers complementary answers that are genuinely impactful. Any existing and prior models and learnings will be incorporated into your PMI model.


PMI META™ provides you with everything you need to power your business performance and ROI in the short and long term. You will understand the synergy and cross-channel effects across traditional, digital, social and all other drivers of your business and the role they play in the multi-faceted customer journey.

Push the confidence in your decision making even further. We are providing you with answers such as:


  • How can we ensure that short-term tactical decisions support my long-term business strategy?
  • How do this year’s activities impact decisions next year?
  • How can we outsmart our competitors?
  • How can we exploit ALL our business drivers?
  • How can we move from being a brand-centric to a customer-centric company?


You do not have to be a scientist to understand the engine that will support your business performance.
We will explain to you how it works so that you can trust and implement the results and take full ownership of
YOUR models.

Shape Your Future.

Quicker. Smarter. Together.


In the spirit of pushing the limits of marketing intelligence PMI has developed PMI MAPPS™,  a proprietary tailored suite of decision support applications based on PMI ZOOM™ and fuelled by PMI META™. The modules are connected so that everyone can share the same vision, is empowered to improve performance and has the right tools to shape the future together.




  • Answer the big strategic questions of C-level management from media, finance, category management and brand management
  • Support tactical simulation and optimisation for management teams
  • Can be used in the boardroom, at your desk or on the move

PMI MAPPS™ enable you to:


  • Make quick and impactful decisions
  • Ensure  fast implementation of decisions across departments
  • Assist dialogue across management

This is us!

Beate Lettmann is the founder and CEO of PMI.

She has 20 years’ experience in research and analytics. She holds an MA in social, political and educational science.


Before creating PMI she was Director Analytics for Mindshare USA, Head of Consultancy at Mindshare UK and Managing Partner at ohal. Before moving to the UK she worked for Coca-Cola Germany as a Research & Planning manager. She started her career with the development of computer assisted market research software funded by the by the German government.

Beate has worked for the biggest brands in the world (e.g. Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, Unilever, HSBC) on a global scale, both on the client and agency side. She has helped companies to become world-class leaders in marketing effectiveness measurement. This included the global roll-out of projects to integrate marketing evaluation with predictive power into the sales planning process across all relevant departments. Beate has received recognition of her work with IPA awards for Sainsbury’s and McDonald’s.

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